Robyn – Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel

Product Description

Robyn is 17 weeks pregnant with triplets and suffers from carpal tunnel symptoms. She describes her experience with the aPallo wrist brace.

  • jem1997

    Oh, my gosh, Robyn! You are my new hero! Triplets — good luck to you. What a great testimonial for a pregnant woman with carpal tunnel syndrome. How long did it take before you saw relief? I know that two weeks out you were not having pain but I wonder how long that took to achieve that level of comfort?

    • NurseEJ

      Triplets! I am so glad you got the pain under control before delivery because there will be lots of repetitive motions when those babies show up! It will be interesting to see if the pain and other symptoms disappear after the pregnancy is over — for Robyn’s sake, I certainly hope so!

    • Julia

      Getting any pain under control before delivery is really important when dealing with pregnancy carpal tunnel. There are many repetitive movements when taking care of a baby. Granted I only have one 10 month old and not triplets but I still understand what she’s going through.

  • JeanieBean

    My wrists weren’t as bad when I had my three kids (although I didn’t have them all at once!) but I still wish I had the Palo at that time. I’m sure Robyn has been having some of the same chanllenges like swelling and inflammation in the joints, and of course the pain that comes with it. I’ve been using the Palo for a few months now and even though pregnancy is in my past, the swelling a circulation problems have still been with me. The ice packs in the braces have helped with this more than the other braces I’ve used over the years and my circulation hasn’t been as restricted either.