Nora – Massage Therapist

Product Description

Massage therapist Nora describes her carpal tunnel symptoms and how the aPallo wrist brace system has improved her pain.

  • NurseEJ

    It is interesting how many people in the healthcare professions end up with carpal tunnel syndrome. I would imagine that massage therapists and physical therapists are particularly prone to the disorder. It is great to hear that the wrist braces can really work for people who use their hands in their professions.

  • jem1997

    My massage therapist wears wrist braces and ices her wrists between massages. She said that she also sleeps in braces. I will have to tell her about Dr. Palo’s system and she if she wants to switch! Carpal Tunnel Syndrome definitely seems to be an occupational hazard!

  • Julia

    That really makes sense how a massage therapist would develop carpal tunnel syndrome. All the repetitive motions every day would really take a toll on your joints. It’s so nice to hear that there are solutions out there to help people with occupational related medical conditions.

  • Greg T

    I know Nora had a day brace she wore at work, but was she actually wearing it while massaging her clients? If so, I would say it really passes the test. I work in electronics parts shop and I put a tremendous ammount of strain on my hands and wrist with all the precision assembly work I do. I wear an aPallo night brace but I’m starting to feel the need for a brace during workdays. I just don’t know if it will restrict me too much.