Dr .Omoro – Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgeon

Product Description

Dr. Omoro, a head and neck surgeon, discusses her beneficial experiences with the aPallo carpal tunnel wrist brace.

  • Michael H

    Very helpful site! I especially appreciated Dr. Omoro’s video. Hearing directly from a medical professional made me a lot more comfortable with buying the Palo wrist brace than I would have been just listening to an ad spokesman or sorting through product pictures and generic descriptions. Manufacturers that are confident in their product lines tend to be more confident about sharing legitmate testimonials, and your site has plenty of them.

    • Kellie

      I absolutely agree, Michael! At the beginning, I had questions about how wrist braces would help someone with a head or neck problem — then, I realized that Dr. Omoro was the patient! I am happy to see that she is a satisfied customer in addition to being a medial professional.

    • Julia

      Completely agree with both of you! It is so hard with how things work now a day to research a product successfully because so many organizations will say whatever they have to in order for you to buy their product whether it’s true or not. Seeing a testimonial such as this one gives me faith that it really does work.

  • Reese

    I was glad to see Dr. Omoro talk about the “fit” of the brace. I, too, have a smaller wrist and have a hard time finding a brace that really fits right. It was interesting to see this testimonial from a woman and medical practitioner. Maybe if it works for her it will work for me, too.

    • Julia

      Like you and the woman in the video, I also have smaller wrists. I decided to try this brace out and it really does fit well. You don’t have to have any worries about it working for you as it really does work well!

  • Collin C.

    I’m glad Dr. Omoro mentioned that has a smaller wrist, and that the aPallo is still adjustable enough for her. You see I would say I have larger wrists than normal. I currently have both day and night braces and I have to adjust them to pretty much the largest size they will go. Did I miss something here? Are there different sized models available? Maybe a larger one will give me more adjustability. Not that I am planning on my wrists getting bigger but you never know!

  • Czar Ketty

    Very good testimonial. I think I will try these out. And Dr. Omoro is also right that the aPallo braces do look good, at least compared to other braces. The one I have now looks more like a beefed-up bowling glove. I can see it on peoples’ faces when they look at it and try to figure out what awful injury I’ve suffered. If nothing else, the aPallo braces are a little more subtle.