Brian – Hand Therapist

Product Description

Certified hand therapist Brian talks about the aPallo carpal tunnel wrist brace and its benefits for carpal tunnel patients.

  • Yolanda

    Very interesting… I’m wondering how the night splint will hold up over time. If I’m putting pressure on it for hours at a time, will it lose its effectivness? It looks comfortable enough. Anyone feedback from someone who’s slept with one of these on?

    • Julia

      Putting pressure on it shouldn’t lose it’s effectiveness but you shouldn’t have to do that. The brace should already be doing everything you need it to do. Also, I have slept with one of these on at night and it is very comfortable with the padding. you shouldn’t have any worries about that.

    • Collin C.

      Hi Yolanda- I’ve found that a little adjusting over the hours can be neccessary, which I expected. This can even be true when you’re sleeping with the brace on. I’ve felt some discomfort in the middle of the night and had to re-tighten it to ease it up. Other times I have slept straight through without adjusting the brace at all.

  • NurseEJ

    I have not slept with one of these specific hand braces, but others that you can buy over the counter tend to hold up well. I think the advantage of this particular brace is the finger extension piece…and the fact that you do have some finger movement. Really nice that you get both the day and night splints!

  • Reese

    A built in ice pack? How cool is that (no pun intended)? Ice really does make a sore joint feel better so it’s nice to see that someone has finally created a wrist brace for carpal tunnel that includes a way to hold an ice pack in place right where you need it. Really great idea!

    • jem1997

      Sometimes heat seems to work better — especially if the injury is old. Is there any reason one of those heat packs should not be used instead of ice? I am thinking one of those small ones that could be heated in the microwave would work but I don’t want to do something that would make the pain worse.

    • Julia

      If it is intended to hold an ice pack, I would recommend to just use it as advised. Medical professionals wouldn’t recommend one thing if something else is better. Personally, I’ve found that ice does help much more than heat. I used to use that Icy Hot cream but quickly realized it helps so much more to just use an ice pack. Hope that helps.

  • Beaver Smith

    Curious if heated wrist bands will help my wrist,as pain is circular,comes and goes