aPallo Cane

The aPallo Cane is considered by many to be the world’s best walking cane.  The first of its kind, the aPallo cane is a portable sit to stand device that doubles as a walking cane.  The aPallo cane features a second patented pivoting handle that safely assists the user when rising from a sitting position.

3steps silver cane

aPallo Cane Instructions Large Cane wth callouts left - Copy 11

Large Cane wth callouts left - Copy 12

Additional Features

additional image featuresLanyard is useful to hang the aPallo cane from the back of a chair, coat rack or wherever easily accessible

Locking ring can be loosened to allow height adjustment of the cane

Durable, non-skid rubber tip is made to keep you from slipping

Adjustable pivoting arm allows the handles to be placed in the desired position for taller or smaller users.

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