Walking With A Cane

Product Description

In this video, Dr. Matti Palo demonstrates how to properly walk using an aPallo walking cane.

  • Reese

    I do not need a cane (yet) but this video makes a lot of sense and would be incredibly useful if I were trying to learn to use a cane. I did not realize that the cane should go in the hand OPPOSITE your bad leg! Once Dr. Palo, demonstrated, it made sense — just never thought about it.

    • Julia

      Yes, I never realized before that you are supposed to use the cane in the hand opposite of your bad leg. I had always just assumed that you held the cane in your dominant hand. Now that I know this, I will need to do a bit of adjusting me now hopefully I will receive more benefits from using a cane.

  • jem1997

    I did not realize that there was actually a correct way to do this. I just assumed walking with a cane was pretty basic. And it actually is but I would have done it completely wrong if I had not watched this video! Now, I am going to watch the one on stairs.

    • Diamond Grant

      I am with you, I always thought the task was basic as well. But when you think about it, it is logical to use the cane in the opposite hand of the bad leg. This keeps you from putting pressure and strain on that leg. In the opposite hand, you are actually relieving the tension and permitting yourself to walk with little discomfort. Good information. I am sure a lot of people have no clue what the proper technique is.

    • Isabella Vargas

      You make a lot of sense Diamond. When my grandpa uses his cane incorrectly it does seem to cause him a lot of pain because he is putting his weight and pressure onto his bad leg. I wonder if you can actually cause more injury to your bad leg if you use your cane improperly for a long period of time.

  • Chris Ingalls

    Wow! Where was this when i was learning to use a cane. This would shorten my learning curve. Great material. The cane is just as good. Adjustable height, a light the only thing missing is a drink holder, LOL.

  • Bob Bravski

    Dr. Palo is showing how to use the cane. But he can’t show that on rocks or debris this cane excels. Using the cane correctly is important. This guy is in some nice shoes. My first pair of shoes when i was learning to use a cane were messed up to dragging my foot. This technique is spot on. Well done Doc.