Walking Up & Down Steps With A Cane

Product Description

In this video, Dr. Matti Palo demonstrates the proper way to travel up and down stairs using the aPallo walking cane.

  • NurseEJ

    What a great video for teaching a patient or family member how to use a cane to go up and down stairs! As a nurse, this is a skill that really needs some practice for someone who is new to a cane — simply because the process is different depending on whether you are going up or down the steps! Dr. Palo is correct that the easiest way to remember is that the bad leg follows the cane; however, it does take practice!

    • Reese

      After watching the previous video about walking with a cane, I thought I would view this one. I do not need a cane yet, but these two videos give me confidence that I would be able to use one if/ when I need one. I don’t think I would have used a cane properly before seeing these two videos.

  • jem1997

    As with the video about walking with a cane, by watching this video I realized that I would have been totally wrong if I had tried to walk up and down stairs with a cane! For one thing, I would have put the cane in the wrong hand. At least I did my learning before I needed a cane!

    • Julia

      As I previously states, it is easy to use a cane the wrong way! It seems like it would be so simple but there is really so much involved. This video is very important to watch as it can help prevent further injuries and can also help to enhance the effects of the cane. Great watch!

  • Joy

    There is actually a science to using a cane. I did not realize that at all. I always thought the cane would lead and the person would follow, not the other way around. Now I know the proper thing to do if I ever find myself needing a cane. Also, now that I see it, it makes sense about which foot to lead with when going up the steps versus coming down the steps. Makes me think about how uncomfortable it must be when it is done the wrong way.

    • Julia

      Yes, I actually used my cane the wrong way going up and down stairs for at least a month before consulting with a doctor. I realized I was doing it all wrong and that’s why I was so uncomfortable; I didn’t think the cane was working at all. This video backs up everything my doctor told me; very informational and accurate.

  • Diamond Grant

    I remember injuring my ankle in high school while playing sports and having to use a single crutch. I was taught by the doctor and physical therapist how to use the crutch to go up and down the steps properly and it was just like the cane demonstration in the video. It has to be done a certain way to avoid putting pressure and causing further injury or strain to the “bad leg”. Good video.

  • Isabella Vargas

    This is a really great video and there are a few people in my life I think I will share this with. My grandfather in particular uses his cane improperly all of the time. I am always telling him that it defeats the purpose of the cane if he is not going to use it correctly. Maybe if he hears it from an outside source, especially a medical professional, he will actually listen and start using it the right way.

    • Escobar

      Very true. When I was prescribed a walking cane some years back, the doctor took me out to the hallway of his office to show me the proper way to use it. I thought it was pretty much common sense and that he was being a little condescending, but not the case. The important thing is to use it in conjunction with each opposite-foot step, meaning, if you’re using the cane in your right hand you should be applying it at the same time as each left foot step.

  • Barb Johnson


    I am Barb. I fell at work at busted a vetebrate in my spine.

    Due to the injury I have, it leaves me in a limbo as far as pain

    goes. Sometimes I need a cane, sometimes I don’t. After trying the

    limited big box canes, my husband found this cane with an Amazon search.

    It gives you an edge when getting up. That is always the toughest part.

    It comes with a cool led light to see to open the door or whatever. At 40

    I did not plan to use a cane but glad my husband found this one.

  • Chris Ingalls

    Steps are treacherous when you first learn to use a cane. This is very helpful. Great cane too. Worth every penny. Take my word on it. That cane will save you you a lot of back pain. Getting up is a breeze. You won’t need so much “help’

  • Bob Bravski

    A little miffed. This did not mention the cane enough. How many adjustable canes with an led are there? Try getting a cane like that at Walmart or Target. I like the presentation don’t get me wrong. It could have focused more on the cane.

    • Warren

      Hi Bob, to get a better product description of the cane go to the “Products” tab. There are also some testimonials you can view under that tab. I found this pretty simple but easy to overlook. My first instinct would be to go down steps with my good leg first. But I will defer to the doctor!

    • John Caudill

      Didn’t find a “products tab”.