What is Carpal Tunnel?

Product Description

This video explains what causes carpal tunnel syndrome and which areas of the hand are commonly affected.

  • Kellie

    Very interesting and understandable explanation of the anatomy and physiology of carpal tunnel syndrome. It was great to see how the pain actually is caused by the compression of the nerve running through the carpal tunnel by the tendons and ligaments surrounding it.

  • NurseEJ

    This is a great explanation of carpal tunnel syndrome that makes it very clear why entrapment of the median nerve results in numbness and tingling in the thumb and first three fingers of the hand. The graphic on the anatomy of the wrist was very good!

    • Rebecca

      Yes, this explanation was very clear! I have been dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome for a couple of months now but I have never really understood what is carpal tunnel and what causes it. My doctor didn’t explain it in a very understandable way but after watching this video, everything is much more clear to me now.

  • Isabella Vargas

    I am a visual learner so this was a good video for me. Now that I understand the configuration of the median nerve and how it supplies sensation to the areas it does as well as how the nerve is situated by flexor tendons, I better understand how and why pain is generated in certain areas versus others because of carpal tunnel. I now also better understand how the brace works to relieve that pain by keeping the wrist at a neutral position.