Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Splinting Options

Product Description

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Matti Palo discusses the splinting options that are available to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Harvind S

    What specifically is the difference between the night brace and the others? Is it just that the night brace reduces the mobility more? It certainly looks bulkier (and Dr. Palo is right, HOTTER!), but as long as the wrist is being kept in the nuetral position the day-time braces should work at night as well, right?

    • palomedical

      The aPallo night brace keeps the long and ring finger extended while keeping the wrist in the neutral position. This is important when sleeping because the majority of people bend their wrist when sleeping which increases the carpal tunnel pressure. The night brace is the best brace for carpal tunnel, but is not practical for day use which is why we offer the system. Together they are a 24 hour complete carpal tunnel treatment solution.

    • Kellie

      Interesting! Thanks for the succinct explanation for why I would want a night brace in addition to a day brace! I do know that when I wake up in the morning, I sometimes have pain in my hand and wrist and I have a feeling it is caused by sleeping with my hands “bunched up” under my pillow!

    • Rebecca

      I had never really considered using a night brace and a day brace. I thought the day brace would be good enough but after hearing the benefits of using the 24 hour complete carpal tunnel treatment solution, that sounds like it is probably what is best. Now, I won’t wake up in the morning with joint pain anymore.

    • Diamond Grant

      Thank you for explaining. I know for a fact that I do bend my wrist while sleeping and I also tend to sleep on top of my wrist with my wrist under the pillow and my head directly on top. I am sure that probably does not help the problem. Something to help keep my wrist aligned would indeed aid me in waking up in less pain. And as you stated, coupled with the day system, dramatic improvements would be seen.

  • Reese

    Not sure I could tolerate a brace at night if it is hot. It might be very nice on a cool night but, in general, I have a feeling my hand would get too warm. I like the idea that the support is on the top of the hand instead of in the palm. When I have used the palm support kind, I wake up with my fingers clutching the support — probably not good for CTS!

    • Rebecca

      Most braces are not too hot. Sometimes my hand and wrist become a little sweaty at night when it’s very hot out but other than that, I haven’t had any problems. Also, night braces are much more helpful than day time braces as they reduce the mobility much more and you don’t wake up with sore wrist joints.

  • Diamond Grant

    I now actually understand why the aPallo night brace would be best. You said the ideal position for the wrist is in the neutral position and at night keeping the wrist in the neutral position is alright because you are not doing anything but sleeping. Whereas, during the day you are continuously doing activities which probably require you to move out of the neutral position. Also, the fact that the aPallo brace is breathable is good because that prevents you from getting hot due to the fabric. Thanks for breaking down the other options and explaining why they are/are not good choices.

    • Isabella Vargas

      I am such a hot natured person. In fact, my body temperature in naturally 1 degree higher than what is considered to be a normal body temperature. So it does not take much for me to get overheated or at least feel as if I am. The fact that the brace has breathable material as you point out Diamond would benefit me so much because I could wear it for a long period of time without feeling like I was in a sauna.