Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diagnosis

Product Description

Dr. Matti Palo discusses the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome patients and why they occur.

  • Diamond Grant

    I like that you broke down the difference between a symptom and a sign. People often don’t realize that the two are not the same and think that if they have a certain symptom that it automatically points to a certain condition. However, some symptoms can be tied to more than one condition.
    I have symptoms, but I do not have any signs as of now of carpal tunnel. However, I am guessing the continued and prolonged strain would cause me to have one or more of the signs in the future. Time to take preventative measures so as to avoid carpal tunnel if I can.

    • Isabella Vargas

      Diamond I think I am presenting symptoms just like you and perhaps not quite signs but I guess I should go see my doctor to get the test Dr. Palo describes to see if I am presenting signs later down the line. I didn’t realize there was a difference initially but I am glad that the difference was explained. Now I have a better understanding and I know how to approach the issue.