Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Conservative Management


The various successful ways to manage carpal tunnel syndrome are discussed by a certified occupational therapist.

  • Kellie

    I really did not know that there are day and night splints. I have always worn the same one during the day and the night. Is it normal for these exercises to cause discomfort when you do them? Or is that just a sign of the extent of the carpal tunnel syndrome that I am experiencing?

    • Julia

      It is completely normal to experience discomfort when performing these exercises. It’s just like when you go to the gym for the first time in a while and later on your entire body is sore and feels like jello. When you are working muscles that you aren’t used to working, you will experience some discomfort but hopefully after a while, they will begin to help and any pain will subside.

  • Isabella Vargas

    That was interesting. I wonder how long you would have to incorporate those exercises or how often in order to see some type of improvement. I found myself doing the moves while watching the video and intend to try them throughout the week. Though these are supposed to manage carpal tunnel syndrome, I imagine that the exercises can also be used to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome as well.

    • NurseEJ

      I agree, Isabella. I, too, found myself doing the exercises during the video. I assume it is probably the same as any other exercise — that is, you should probably do them at least five days a week to get the full benefit. Of course, if you found that your wrists feel better with the exercise, you would probably find yourself doing them without even realizing it!

  • Diamond Grant

    I am the type of person who like to take active steps myself to improve any condition I may be suffering from. If I can make a small change or perform a simple task to aid me I would rather do that than opt for medicine or surgery. These exercises would only take a few moments several times each day and I think that with constant and regular use they could provide some serious relief. Thank you for sharing.

  • Yulin

    These exercises get right to the root of the problem for me, especially the “flexor tendon glides.” They are difficult for me to do but I feel pretty good afterward. How many times per day/week/month should exercises like these be performed? If he already answered this question in the video, I apologize.