aPallo Wrist Brace Application (Right)

Product Description

The aPallo wrist brace from Palo Medical is available in day or night versions. Both keep the wrist at an ideal position for carpal tunnel pressures.

  • Kellie

    I love the idea of being able to adjust the “flex” of the brace using the cinch strap. In wrist braces I have worn in the past, this was not an option — the brace was either off or on (and inflexible). Being able to have even a little bit of give during the day would make wearing this brace and working much easier!

  • jem1997

    I think my favorite thing about this brace is that the support goes along the back of your hand so there is not a metal piece in the palm of your hand. With braces I have worn in the past, I just could not get a good fit due to that metal piece — and they were uncomfortable, too!

    • Isabella Vargas

      Many of the braces I see on the market have that metal piece in the palm of the hand and I think that would be very uncomfortable just like you say. My hand and wrist are quite small so I need something that can be adjusted to fit me, and in a comfortable manner. The video demonstration makes the aPallo brace seem as though it would do just that.

  • Rebecca

    I completely agree with Kellie! Having even a little bit of room to move makes all the difference! It is so hard to wear a wrist brace all day when there is no flexibility at all. It’s also nice to learn about the apollo wrist brace application in this simple video; it makes me much more willing to try this one out than some others out there. Thank you Palo Medical!

  • Reese

    This looks really easy to apply and I, too, like the adjustability. I also agree with jem1997 that the support on the back of the hand is preferable to the ones in the palm. Keeping the middle two fingers extended would probably keep me from clinching my fingers around the splint. Wearing splints in the past has sometimes made my hand sore just from squeezing on the brace itself!

    • Julia

      I am the exact same way! It’s hard to not squeeze the brace when the
      support is in the palm. When I am stressed, bored, or for no reason, I
      have a tendency to squeeze on the brace and in the end, that just makes
      my hand and wrist more sore. It’s almost counter productive!

  • Isabella Vargas

    The video makes the application of this brace seem simple enough. As someone who is right handed, I might struggle initially because my left hand is not he dominant one, but the initial struggle would pass quickly and easily. It is great that the brace can be adjusted for comfort or to accommodate tasks that need to be done without having to take it all the way off. I would be much more likely to actually use this brace consistently versus another brace.