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Trigger Point Therapy for Carpal Tunnel

trigger point therapyA trigger point is a tiny knot that develops in a muscle when it has become overused or injured. Trigger points are common for causing carpal tunnel syndrome and are sometimes the root cause of the pain. When a trigger point is present, it is advisable to undergo trigger point therapy to relieve muscular pain by applying a certain amount of pressure directly to the trigger point and by incorporating exercise. In this article, we will be discussing trigger points and how trigger point therapy can be very effective in relieving the muscular aches and pains leading to comfort with carpal tunnel syndrome.

In the wrist and arm alone, there are more than ten muscles that can create trigger points, producing carpal tunnel symptoms. The wrist extensors, flexors and pectoralis minor are all example muscles that could potentially produce trigger points if overused or injured at some point. Trigger point therapy is an excellent way of relieving the symptoms and pain that are caused by trigger points. During therapy, the therapist or physician will search your wrist for the actual trigger points. These feel like hard knots or balls underneath the skin. Once they are located, pressure is then applied to relieve the tension built around the area and muscle. After some time, the trigger point will begin to soften and release some of the pressures. Once the trigger point fully releases, therapy then is complete.

Relief may be experienced after the very first session of trigger point therapy, however, this depends on the severity of the carpal tunnel syndrome and the amount of trigger points and pressure within the particular areas. Several treatments are often necessary before relief may be experienced.

How Does Trigger Point Therapy Work?

When the pressure is applied, a chemical cycle is interfered with, helping to stop the pressure and pain within the particular muscle. Another method that is included during the therapy session is that of kneading and heating the muscle. Heat and kneading helps to increase the circulation and removes any metabolic waste products. Adding the pressure to the actual trigger point stops the pain that the body is experiencing.

During treatment, the pressure applied allows the muscles to relax and relieve themselves of the pain. This relaxation of the muscles allows for the physician to apply deeper pressure and penetrate farther than at the surface. For the treatment to be fully effective, the actual trigger point must be worked with and pressure applied directly to it.

Final Thoughts

Trigger Point Therapy is an excellent method for releasing tension in tight areas or “knotted” areas around trigger points in the muscle. Before undergoing a therapy session, be sure to check with your physician to ensure that this is the right method of pain relief for your carpal tunnel syndrome. Applying pressure to painful and tender areas of the muscles can be a sensitive process. However, trigger point therapy is very effective.

Have you ever been a patient that underwent Trigger Point Therapy? If so, please share your thoughts and comments with us below in the box.

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