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Solid Canes vs. Extendable Walking Canes

Extendable Walking CanesWalking canes are useful products for senior citizens, the disabled, those with mobility issues, and even for the fashion gurus.  The main purpose of using a walking cane is to get proper support when walking and to remain sturdy, preventing falls.  There are various designs when it comes to walking canes, in this post we will cover the traditional solid walking cane and extendable walking canes.

The Traditional Solid Walking Cane

Solid walking canes are usually preferred by those who seek out support in walking, and are not particularly interested in looking fashionable.  Traditional, solid walking canes can either be made out of metal, aluminum or wood and are strong and typically well built.  These types of canes are usually black, brown or a light brown color and offer the support that typical cane users desire.

These traditional walking canes have withstood the test of time, and have been the inspiration for more advanced cane designs.  Many of the wooden style walking canes are beautiful and showcase the natural beauty that nature provides.  Sometimes solid wood canes are accented with carvings, stylish accessories and can be a simple addition to a walking mobility wardrobe.

Extendable Walking Canes

Extendable walking canes, or adjustable canes,  are great for those who are taller than the average person, or shorter than the average person.  It is important that when you are considering a walking cane that you purchase a cane that is right for your height.  This will allow for you to gain maximum mobility and posture and remain fully symmetrical.  If your cane is too short, then you will be bent over while trying to walk, causing poor posture.  Likewise, if your cane is too tall, then it simply cannot do its job properly and may become more of a hazard than help to you.  The general rule is the cane height should be half of your body height.  So if you are five foot eight inches, 68 inches, the cane should be approximately 34 inches.

A great example for an effective extendable, or adjustable, walking cane is that of the aPallo Walking Cane.  The aPallo Cane is one of a kind and has been held as one of the world’s best walking cane.  Being fully adjustable, this cane features a locking ring that can be loosened to allow you as the user to adjust the height of the cane.

Adjustable walking canes are also great to travel with, simply because they can shrink in size, are portable and easy to manage.  This type of walking stick gives a lot of convenience to its user.  They are very lightweight and tend to be preferred by those who require a walking cane for mobility.

If you require a walking cane, which do you prefer?  The solid or adjustable style cane?  Share your thoughts and comments below.

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