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Always Stretch Before Exercising

stretch before exercising Many studies have been performed to measure the effectiveness of stretching prior to exercising.  Some have concluded that stretching prevents soreness after exercise, while others conclude that it actually decreases strength and should not be done prior to performing weight-bearing activities.   Whatever the studies suggest, stretching before exercising, running or performing any strenuous activity benefits the body tremendously.  In this article we will be discovering the reasons why you should always stretch before exercising.

If you stretch before exercising does it really prevent injury?

Many exercise and physical trainers suggest that a well-developed exercise routine will include stretching prior to any additional movement or strenuous workout.  Many people are still weary of whether or not stretching before exercise brings any benefit to the body.  Despite the opposing opinion, stretching aids in preventing injury, improves your performance during exercise and decreases the chance of soreness in the muscles.

  • Prevents Injury – Preventing unwanted injury is one of the primary reasons why people should stretch before exercising.  When you stretch, you are simply lengthening and releasing tension in the muscles, making them more flexible to increase your range of motion during exercise.  By lengthening the muscles, you are significantly reducing your chances of injury.  During colder winter months your muscles become stiffer and are susceptible to injury.  When exercising it is much more important to stretch during this time.
  • Improve Your Performance – Stretching is important for keeping your joints healthy and lubricated.  Having lubricated joints requires you to exert less energy and improves your overall performance.
  • Decreases Soreness – Stretching before or after vigorous exercise helps to reduce the soreness you may experience.  It does not, however, take the soreness completely away.  Stretching is a great way to reduce the soreness but should not be the only method of reducing muscle soreness.

Final Thoughts

Stretching is a very essential part of a full workout regimen.   It aids in preventing injury, is excellent for improving overall performance and decreases the amount of soreness you may experience after exercising.  Do you stretch prior to exercising?  Why or why not?  And do you feel that stretching helps to prevent injury, improves your personal performance and decreases soreness in your own body?  Leave your comments and thoughts below.

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